Who Is Jack Carew?

Great Question. Jack is currently trying his best to grow his business, Tactical Ops Paintball (www.tacticalops.com.au) that he started with his Brothers and Mother, into a national company with multiple fields, one in each capital city. His vision is to create a company that prides itself on truly looking after its customers. By providing a one of a kind experience through facilitated tactical paintball games.

On the side, he is currently working on a few cool little projects. One is to grow his personal brand, which is why he is starting this blog, podcast and soon to be youtube channel.  He is currently starting a new venture called ‘Hunting Fishing Camping’ (www.huntingfishingcamping.com.au) with his brother and two mates, with the goal of supplying quality gear at a low price point to the Hunting, Fishing, and Camping market, taking on big brands like BCF…

He also has an interest in Great Adventure and Wild Experiences.   After doing Simon Sineks’ ‘Start With Why’ online course, which is all about learning and uncovering why it is you do what you do, Jack realized a few things. One of which is that there is an adventure, and then there is ‘Great Adventure’. Just like there are experiences, and then there are Wild Experiences… The difference? Both, cannot be replicated or re facilitated. These are times where you look back at a time, moment, or experience and just say ‘WOW, how did I get out of that one?”

The other is to inspire people to be more then what they think they can be. Jack is very aware that he has had the privilege, from his parents, to have a unique point of view of the world. And to see things differently.  He would like to share these things with the world in the hopes that some young or old person, is inspired to do more then what they originally thought they could do. Becuase Jack believes there is no ceiling to that, no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, if you set your mind to it, you can achieve greatness, in whatever form you see fit.

Jack will share stories, learnings, great adventures and wild experiences that he has had, and continue to have, throughout his life and do his best to articulate them accurately.

If you would like to keep up to date and follow Jack on his journey, then please, follow him on Instagram and Facebook. This is where he is sharing most of his content at this time.

Thanks for your attention,

See you on the flip side.

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