Welcome To My Blog.

Welcome to JackCarew.blog

Thanks for coming to check out the blog.

First of all,

Let me explain WHY I’m creating this website,

As a 24-year-old, I believe I have lived quite an ‘extra’-ordinary life so far. Having the opportunity in my early life to grow up in a different country, travel all over Australia, compete in national levels in sport, travel and experience the world by myself at an early age. I think I have created quite a unique point of view on the world, one that I would like to share.

I am going to do my very best to share stories and document my life, in the hope that I will inspire some young person to strive to become the best version of themselves and to think bigger than they are currently able to. To know that the possibilities are endless for the life they might want to create and that nearly anything they set their mind to is possible.

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, then you probably cant. AND if you can, but think you can’t, then you probably can’t. – Larry King

My Journey so far has been a mix of luck, lots of setbacks, a relatively good amount of successes and a fair bit of constant failure.  I will do my best to be as authentic as possible in the stories, experiences and thoughts that I share and try not to hide insecurities or alter the story to suit my ideal truth, but to tell it as it is, with no bias (Try to)  😉

So please, If you are looking for inspiration, hope or comfort in your own journey, follow me in mine and we can continue on together.  


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